Hall reservations are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, and are subject to further sale until a reservation is confirmed. A reservation is not confirmed until a deposit of $250.00 has been paid. Polish Club Windsor reserves the right to refuse the booking of any function.

Please Contact Us to discuss our hall availability.

Deposits & Billing

An initial deposit of $250.00 is required to confirm a reservation for any of our halls, and can be made in a variety of ways. Please email or call us to discuss our payment options. This deposit will be deducted from your final invoice and is non-refundable.

A $300.00 damage deposit in cash is required at the signing of the contract. This deposit will be returned to you 7 days after the event, less (if any) damages made to our facilities.

The final balance is due and payable to Polish Club Windsor 7 days before the event.

Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts at the rate of 2% per month – 24% annum.

Contract Information

Please arrange an appointment with a Polish Club Windsor representative to discuss event details and costs when you reserve your event.

Cancellation Policy

The full amount of rental fee will be charged for any cancellation occurring less than 30 days prior to the booked event, after deducting any deposits paid beforehand.


Polish Club Windsor reserves the right to permit all hall decorations. You are responsible to decorate within stated guidelines, and you are required to adhere to safe work practices within our premises. The use of nails, staples, glue, or any similar material is not permitted on any surface in any of our halls. All permitted decorations must be collected at the end of the event. Polish Club Windsor is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Any outside vendor must abide by Polish Club Windsor’s regulations. Any damages or additional services required will be charged to you.